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About Mirai Global Education & Visa Services

Mirai is a Japanese word for “future”. Future belongs to those who are willing to explore and learn.

Mirai Global Education & Visa Services is an education consultancy in Nepal that guides you for higher studies and visa processing in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK. As an educational wing of Uniglobe Business Group, we have strong connections with educational institutions and workplaces across these countries.

Mirai Global’s head office is located in Brisbane, Australia. Our branch offices are in Australia, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu, and Chitwan.

Since our establishment in 2017, we have successfully fulfilled the aspirations of ……. students despite the hindrances brought about by Covid-19. We take pride in being known as one of the fastest-growing reliable education consultancies in Kathmandu with a 98% visa success rate.



Why choose Mirai Global Education & Visa Services?

Multiple services under one roof:

We offer services related to visa applications, enrollment procedures, and migration services on all levels. Ranging from education visas to visitor visas, our professional migration consultants guide you from the beginning to the end.

High-quality IELTS and PTE classes

IELTS and PTE classes from energetic and learned teachers at Mirai Global help you score high on the final examination. Impressive language test scores help you study in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, or New Zealand. We also provide additional support for students who are in need of it.

Personal care in a small environment

Mirai believes in quality service over quantity. Starting from … students in 2017 to 102 students in July 2022, our focus as an education consultancy has been on affordable and loyal service. We can assure you that you get personalized guidance the on entire visa process at Mirai Global Education & Visa Services.


certification-frameRegistered in Australia under ASIC with ACN 615 419308.
certification-frameAccredited by education consultancy

What we Stand For


To provide students with a platform and the best possible options for their academic and career growth in collaboration with educational institutions and foster mutual growth through strong relationships with educational institutions built on honesty, integrity, and excellence.


To be a trustworthy partner throughout students’ academic lives, empowering them with better education and practical experience opportunities to help them achieve their career goals.


Message from MD

Every year, thousands of international students envision a dream. They choose to pursue their higher studies overseas with specialized courses and disciplines which will eventually shape their career. This new generation of students are confident about what they want to do, and with the help of the internet, have also figured out what would get them to their dreams. But there is generally a huge gap between the education system that they have been through and theone they are about to encounter overseas. They also face a lot of hassle in the process of finding universities, visa processes and making all the right choices that help their pathways to their careers become as smooth as possible.

The founding members of Mirai, including me, saw many promising students face these challenges and struggle to make their way out overseas. Ever since then, we faced the necessity of a trustworthy friend, who could guide and mentor these students.

We have built and set up Mirai Global to be that friend, helping students pursue their aspirations.

If you are considering Mirai Global to be a partner in your educational adventure, I would like to welcome you to this partnership of a lifetime. Because with Mirai Global, once we are your friends, we will stay your friends forever.

Wishing you all the best!

Umesh Khadka
Managing Director / Senior Counselor

Mirai with youth and society

To empower youths in terms of academics, extra-curricular, job skills, and social issues has been the keen interest of Mirai Global Education and Visa Services. As an education consultancy, we support events that provide wholesome growth for Nepalese youths so that our talents can be recognized in an international arena.

CV and Resume Session


The Art Craft Exhibition

Mirai Global Karna Bohora Cricket Cup – Mahakali Sports Society & Mirai Global

Prime Minister T-20 Women’s Cup 2076

they also face an imminent culture shock in terms of lifestyle and education. Mirai Global is acting as a bridge between students and them, greeting accustomed to the overseas challenges.

Kick-Start your International Journey with our destination study guides.

Our Team

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Samaya Khadka

Samaya Khadka

Student Stories

Our Students shared their journey with us

Our Partners

Mutual growth and cooperation have been the basis of interaction between us and our partners. Mirai Global Education and Visa Services values every single partner with utter respect.


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