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Nepalese students must apply for an Australia subclass 500 Student Visa to study full-time at a registered educational institution. We guide you in completing the following visa requirements to Australia.

  • Evidence of your financial status

  • English language proficiency test score

  • Health Certificate and OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement

  • Character Statutory Declaration Form

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Evidence of your financial status

Applicants applying to Australia need to be prepared with all the financial documents that is needed to pay for studying and living in Australia. The following are the evidences to prove your financial capacity :

  • You need to show enough funds to travel costs to Australia, 12 months’ tuition, living cost for the main visa applicant, or

  • Evidence that the main applicant(single) is being funded by a spouse or parents whose minimum annual income is AUD 60,000

  • You need an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) form for secondary exchange students

  • You should be ready with a letter of support from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) or Department of Defence

English language proficiency test score

It is extremely important to have an ENglish language test score to study in Australia. Australia accepts scores from test providers such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE among many others.

Health Certificate and OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

OSHC is a health insurance for international students that cover the entire duration of their stay in Australia. Remember that each insurance company has their own interest and services, so it is important you to select the right policy at the best price. Mirai Global Education and Visa Services help you select the best insurance plan. Few course also ask you to have their health checked and certified by registered doctors in Nepal which will should be sent to the Australian immaigration department.

Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement

Are you honest enough to use your visa only for the issued purpose? This is what GTE wants you to sign up for. According to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement is a mandatory document to show that the applicants for a Student visa are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. Mirai Global Education and Visa Services guides honest applicants to write a non-conflicting GTE application.

Character Statutory Declaration Form

Australian Law defines a statutory declaration as a written statement that proves the visa applicant to be free from any sort of criminal record or legal offences. Character Statutory Declaration Form is an important document as the misleading information in this document breached Statutory Declarations Act 1959 and the Migration Act 1958 which leads to at least four years of imprisonment.

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Before you lodge your student visa application to study in Australia, you need to have a Confirmation of Enrolment(CoE). CoE contains information about you, the course you are studying, estimated cost, and the period of your stay at Australia. Mirai Global Education and Visa Services guides you in applying for CoE and the further steps it involves.


Applying for Student visa to study in Canada requires relatively different approach than applying to Australia. Each province and territory take charge of their own education system in Australia. Furthermore, each post-secondary school is governed by their own set of rules, so applying to colleges differ as per the institution. Don’t worry too much about it because Mirai Global Education and Visa Services got you covered. Our team of experts are here to hold your hands(not literally) and make your journey a smooth ride.

Before you come to our office for counselling, take a look at the following points regarding the application process to Canada:

  • At first, the college you’re applying to gives you information on the cost to apply, tuition fees, health insurance, cost of living, language tests, and so on

  • Provided the school admits you as a student, you will be given an acceptance letter

  • This letter of acceptance is needed to apply for a study permit

  • You will need a proof of monetary funds

  • An excellent Statement of purpose is necessary

  • English language test scores are mandatory

  • IME – Immigration Medical Examination is also needed


New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand has educational institutions and courses that offer not only quality education but high placements in the world job markets. This is the reason why the number of international students are increasing in New Zealand.
Mirai Global Education and Visa Services is one of the few educational consultancy in Kathmandu that provides detailed guidance for applying Student visa to New Zealand. Following are the basic documents you will need to apply for Student visa :

  • An offer letter from a registered education institution

  • Medical certificate

  • Police certificate

  • Completed Student Visa Application Form

  • English tests such as IELTS,PTE, TOEFL, etc

  • Approval in Principle (AIP)

  • Proof of funds to pay the fees

  • Proof of return arrangements


Ireland is a beautiful country with splendid tourist destinations, culturally rich history, and dedicated education system.
Mirai Global Education and Visa Services helps you choose your future in Ireland by closely monitoring the application process. Before you visit our office at …, have a look at the following required documents:

  • Online visa application summary and supplementary form

  • Fee payment receipt

  • Academic certificates and transcripts

  • English language test scores

  • Recommendation letters

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Police Report

  • Confirmation of insurance

United Kingdom

Nepalese student apply for a Tier 4 Student visa to be able to study in the UK. This visa is granted only if your course of study exceeds more than six months. Applying to Student visa is easier than you think, but minute details in the process are to be considered carefully. Mirai Global Education and Visa Services makes sure to take care of those details, so that your visa will be granted on time.

Before you come to us for visa services, get the following basic ideas:

  • At first, a visa application form should be completed.

  • An offer letter from the university you are enrolled in must be ready.

  • There must be monetary proof to show that you can pay the fee for at least a year and living cost for nine months while your stay in the UK.

  • Applying for the Student visa has a perk of online application. Creating an account on the UK Visa Website gets you your application number.

  • Authentic work experience and references, even though you’re applying for a Student visa, helps to show your dedication to becoming useful manpower.

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Proof of English language proficiency test is a must.


Every year we help many students make informed decisions. If you are thinking of studying in Australia but not sure where to start or want to discuss your plans with experts, get in touch with us.

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I just wanted to share a quick note that Mirai Global Education and Visa Services had provided really good services and had supported me to make my journey possible from Nepal to Australia, Brisbane. I am glad I decided to choose you. Thanks to the team members of Mirai for your support and special thanks to Mr. Kshitij Pokhrel; such a kind, supportive and caring human as well as a good guider or mentor.

Neharika Poudel
Neharika Poudel

Easy to generate custom policies in minutes and having the peace of mind & protection these policies can offer is priceless. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you.

Sarah Maharjan
Sarah Maharjan

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